After emulation march (inspired by @coreyhaines)

Sometime has gone by since
I decided to join in on
emulation march
so I guess now it’s time for some review on it.

First of all, I really think for me it was worth it. Even though I guess I
didn’t do much ‘emulation’ by its core meaning, I got way more involved in OSS,
and I feel good about it. A lot of things changed on how I see my own software
in general, and how I see OSS projects overall. It just got me out of the
feeling that others are ‘responsible’ for the project, and more into the habit
of just fixing what I think needs fixing. I now know how much more I could/need
to do to become a more well-rounded developer but knowing is the first, and I
like to think sometimes most important step.

So after this (about 2 actually) month, I have to say I will go on and try to
improve on it, I am hooked now! Oh yeah people say contributing a PR is the
greatest form of admiration, well getting pull requests accepted by people you
look up to is the greatest from of giving back.

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