After emulation march (inspired by @coreyhaines)

Sometime has gone by since
I decided to join in on
emulation march
so I guess now it’s time for some review on it.

First of all, I really think for me it was worth it. Even though I guess I
didn’t do much ‘emulation’ by its core meaning, I got way more involved in OSS,
and I feel good about it. A lot of things changed on how I see my own software
in general, and how I see OSS projects overall. It just got me out of the
feeling that others are ‘responsible’ for the project, and more into the habit
of just fixing what I think needs fixing. I now know how much more I could/need
to do to become a more well-rounded developer but knowing is the first, and I
like to think sometimes most important step.

So after this (about 2 actually) month, I have to say I will go on and try to
improve on it, I am hooked now! Oh yeah people say contributing a PR is the
greatest form of admiration, well getting pull requests accepted by people you
look up to is the greatest from of giving back.

Emulation March inspired @coreyhaines

Last week I read about emulation march and the
idea really stuck with me. I was thinking about all the people who inspired me
in the last couple years. But since I have to pick one, I was thinking about one
quality I admire and I try to emulate.

Since recently I got more into github as
a platform for getting involved in open source projects, I decided that for the
month of march I will make at least 1 hour each day to try to help out on a
project. And since this is emulation march: the person who inspires me, is Steve
Klabnik, @steveklabnik, who it seems like spends 2 days each day helping people and projects in the friendliest way possible, with all kind things picking up stuff left and right.

So here we go, let’s see how march goes :).