Introduction to Git and how to using it

Recently git gained a large userbase, and is quickly becoming the default standard for version managment. So for me it
was time to get a larger understanding of it besides just “using it like I think it works”. So to get up to speed
quickly I decided to search for some talks on it. So here my quick introduction worth watching.

GoogleTechTalk: Git

Great talk by Randal Schwartz about Git. Even though it’s not the newest it really is a great explanation of the concepts. Since embedding sadly is disabled check it out at youtube. Like with pretty much everything Randal does the talk is really worth it.

O’Reilly Webcast: Git in One Hour

For an introduction to actually using git the O’Reilly Webcast is a great resource

Cheat Sheet

Nice command overview

Git Tower

For those not really that familiar with the command line, or people like me who keep forgetting the command, Git tower is quite a nice app to use with Git.

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