Palm Pixi and Salling Media Sync

Ok so I got all my Music and Movies in iTunes, and I’m using a Palm Pixi. So far
I only knew of one pretty, let’s just say not that well engineered solution
doubleTwist. I know a lot of people like it but
to me it’s slow as molasses and as reliable as … oh well.
Now I found a solution, Salling Media Sync,
I actually gotta admit “Yes I found it on the App Store” but I’m still not a fan ;).

So what about the tool, it works great as well as fast and syncs my Palm with
my iTunes library. Everything without any big configuration and such, it just

So if you are looking for a great tool to manage your Palm or any other Phones
Media, check out Salling Media Sync there is a Demo Version on the
Website FYI.

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