Building my own WordPress Theme Part 2: Working on the Files Day 1

First a little Update. Sadly Espresso just kept on using 100% CPU or Syntax highlight didn’t always work (especially in PHP) so I switched to Panic’s Coda, seems to me to be a much more polished Tool, sadly investing 99$ seems to ask a lot from my Student Bank Account. But I guess I will buy it sooner or later since its just the Webeditor I was waiting for. Also I decided to code the Theme from scratch without using anything as a baseline, which makes me understand the code much better and also make it really mine ;).

Here is kind of a step by step of what If done so far build my own theme:

  1. Work through some basics about WordPress here
  2. Build a basic Index.php to display my Posts and some Meta Info, as well as a Sidebar
  3. Make the Sidebar Widget ready

Now its time to style my Blog.

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