Building my own WordPress Theme Part 1: Tools and Setup

I’ve been switching between themes in the Background for quite some time now, but nothing really seems to satisfy my needs in respect of design and look and feel. So finally after having about 3 days of time on my Hand right now I decided to build my own theme from the ground up. There are 2 possible outcomes:

  1. I’m really happy with what I did and will use it from then on
  2. I will really learn to appreciate the work of other theme developers even more

So First of all I had to get a working environment setup. I did this on my Mac locally to get some quick testing going and also not to interfere with my Blog. Here is what I did:

  • Setup a local Worpress Installation using MAMP
  • Chose the Worpress Classic template for a start
  • Downloaded Espresso for CSS and PHP Editing
  • Got Cyberduck setup for later deployment

I already got some graphics build using Lineform with which I’m quite happy, and since they are Vector based scaling is not an Issue.

After all this Setup now it’s time to read some Documentation  

I’m going to keep posting ‘til this Theme is done or abandoned. Stay tuned.

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