Cryptr is now a Menubar app … but only if you like (UPDATED)

I finally got around to implementing a nice way to enable switching between Menubar an Dock Mode for Cryptr. Even though this was actually harder than I expected it’s working fine now and you are able to switch between Menubar and Dock Mode via the Preferences (restart is required so).

I guess I’ll be making a new Video soon about Cryptr because the other one is looking and sounding horrible after all.


Edit: We are up to Version 1.0.5 now due to some bug I found right after uploading Version 1.0 so be sure to Update once more sorry

Trying out Flex – HgWatch

Since I recently noticed I can get the FlexBuilder for free as a Student, I just had to check it out. I really like Flash / ActionScript to build WebApps, it easy effective and feels more like “Real Programming” than building a Website. So to also build something usefull (at least for me) I build a little WebApp to check my Mercurial Repositories automatically so, if any of my Colleges pushes a Update I get notified quickly.

If somebody likes to check ist out you find the App under HgWatch.

Comments are welcome, I’m by now way an expert on Flex Development but it seems fun, maybe I port the App to Air someday.

First Update using Sparkle

I just pushed my first update using Sparkle, it works like a charm. If you don’t know the Sparkle Framework, definitely check it out here . Integration in MacOSX is great, while from a developers point of view its great, too. I had everything needed Setup in just about 1 hour.

The only thing giving me headaches at first was that the downloader didn’t find my dmg file, and simply exited with

Sparkle Error (continued): file does not exists

The Problem was a % in the URL, after moving the files to a different folder, it worked great. I’m still going to file a bug but that should not keep you away from using Sparkle, its just the thing missing from OSX to handle Application updates.

EDIT: Reached Version 0.8.2, Sparkle works great while the Error mentioned was on my Part, sorry :)

FlyingPics posting Pictures to TwitPic — Update2: NEW LOGO!

I’ve done it! My first little Cocoa Mac App is here and working, so download FlyingPics v07.2 it now.

The propose is to Post Pictures to TwitPic, and also Tweet a Message, quick and easy from your Desktop. If you like to know more check the Software section.

I’ve written this over the weekend together with my buddy Martin Riedel . Any Suggestions a highly welcome, just drop me a line via

UPDATE: New Version is availible FlyingPics v07.2

UPDATE2: New Logo is now integrated FlyingPics v07.2

Backing up VirtualBox Disk Images

If you use VirtualBox, you might want to Backup your Disk Images. Since its a VM you would think this works simply by copying, but no, VirtualBox (or xVM as Sun calls it) needs to strip all the info binding the Image to a specific Machine first. Thats accually not a big Problem since VBox offers a tool for that (vboxmanage), but this tool has no Interface. Not willing to go to the Command Line everytime and remember the Command, I created a little script with a GUI frontend to do that for me, since I’m using a Mac I Packaged it (using py2app) so it seems more native.
If anyone needs it you can download it Here

Simply select VDI Folder, and the Folder to Backup to, and klick Backup.