First Update using Sparkle

I just pushed my first update using Sparkle, it works like a charm. If you don’t know the Sparkle Framework, definitely check it out here . Integration in MacOSX is great, while from a developers point of view its great, too. I had everything needed Setup in just about 1 hour.

The only thing giving me headaches at first was that the downloader didn’t find my dmg file, and simply exited with

Sparkle Error (continued): file does not exists

The Problem was a % in the URL, after moving the files to a different folder, it worked great. I’m still going to file a bug but that should not keep you away from using Sparkle, its just the thing missing from OSX to handle Application updates.

EDIT: Reached Version 0.8.2, Sparkle works great while the Error mentioned was on my Part, sorry :)

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