Projectile and TRAMP

Projectile requires a lot of file system interaction to stay up to date, this does not work well when accessing remote files and causes massive slowdowns when used over a less than ideal SSH connection. My solution based on a comment regarding this issue has been to deactivate projectile on remote files, sadly its not just files but also dired buffers which suffer so a small addition is needed to the solution in the comment adding dired buffers to the list of things dired should not be enabled for.

(defadvice projectile-on (around exlude-tramp activate)
  "This should disable projectile when visiting a remote file"
  (unless  (--any? (and it (file-remote-p it))

furthermore to avoid unneeded calculation of the current project the projectile modeline needs to be set static.

(setq projectile-mode-line "Projectile")

with this in place projectile works nicely locally and remote file interactions are as quick as they can be.

4 thoughts on “Projectile and TRAMP

  1. It looks like “projectile-on” method is not exists in curent version of projectile, we can add advice on “projectile-project-root” function instead:

    (defun my/ad-projectile-project-root (orig-fun &optional dir)
    “This should disable projectile when visiting files with ftp tramp.”
    (let ((dir (file-truename (or dir default-directory))))
    (unless (file-remote-p dir)
    (funcall orig-fun dir))))
    (advice-add ‘projectile-project-root :around #’my/ad-projectile-project-root)


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