Patching Vim via Homebrew to fix YouCompleteMe error messages ‘Back to original’

One of the plugins for vim I rely on heavily is
YouCompleteMe. It really is amazing
but there is one small problem as it generates completion error messages all the
time while typing.

There is a fix for
which sadly has
not landed in Vim yet, but as detailed in the issue on
it is easy to
patch it yourself. Since I installed vim via Homebrew the way to go was to add
the patch to the Homebrew formula and go from there. So this is what I did.
First I don’t like to work in the Homebrew master so I created a new branch

$ cd `brew --prefix`
$ git checkout -b add-ycm-message-silence-patch
$ vim Library/Formula/vim.rb

Afterwards it’s time to put the new patch in the formula, at the bottom of the
file after __END__. The method

def patches; DATA; end unless build.head?

will apply all patches preset in the DATA section, which is the part of the file after
__END__. I created a version in my fork of homebrew.

And low and behold after a reinstall

$ brew uninstall vim
$ brew install vim --override-system-vi 
  --with-client-server --with-lua 
  --with-mzscheme --with-perl --with-tcl

The annoying errors are gone.


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