Setting up Riak with Vagrant and Puppet

Setting up Riak is pretty easy and straight forward,
but depending on my needs there is the need to change configuration
depending on the current use case. This means that having one instance of it on
my development machine just doesn’t cut it. Luckily there is
Vagrant which provides a quick way to setup VMs as
needed for a given project, along with Puppet this allows me to bundle all the
configuration for a given project.

Basho provides a nice module to setup Riak with puppet, but is pretty complex
to handle all the different use cases. Since I just need it for development I
decided to make it easier for me and other devs by providing an easy to setup and
a quickly understandable module for my needs. It just installs the most recent
version of Riak from the debian-pkg provided for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64Bits. So here we go

Vagrant configuration is short and simple, puppet folder setup as well.

while for riak_precise64 I just add a submodule via git

$ git submodule add

and here we go a simple

$ vagrant up

will give us a nice VM with riak ready to use, and any config nicely contained in app.config.

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