Setting up ProXPN with Viscosity

ProXPN, is nice OpenVPN service which is free for basic
use, but also worth paying for in case you need the features. When setting it up
on my Macbook yesterday I first thought I would have to use their client, which
would have been a deal-breaker for me. I get why services want you to use a
branded client which they control, but when you already have a client, which
should work and need to install another it’s kind of weird.

So here we go I have Viscosity installed
and want to use it with ProXPN. A quick look at the source
will show the needed certs and
configuration. So just download
proXPN / Tunnelblick Source,
extract and check the config.

ProXPN config

The config is almost ready to be imported into Viscosity, the only thing to do
is to uncomment the remote server, just open the config in a text editor and fix

Uncomment Remote Server

Now it’s time to import the file in Viscosity and it’s done. The import will
copy all needed certs and keys to the right folder to be used.

Import from File

Ready to use ProXPN now, enjoy the privacy ;)

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