Github pages with stasis (or other static side generators)

Ok first things first, github pages is awesome!
It’s so easy to just get a page up and running, and it greatly integrates with
jekyll to provide an nice blogging solution. Sadly nothing besides jekyll is
really supported well as far as static side generators go, and personally I
prefer stasis to build a side with just a view pages, which is not a blog. But
luckily with a little help from Rake this can be fixed easily (btw thanks to
@k_merz for reminding me at the last
munich-rubyshift how awesome
Rake is!).

Welcome stasis on github

So here we go, welcome
github-stasis which makes the
whole process really easy. It is just a Rakefile, which handles the setup and
managment of a repository using github pages, mainly setting up the needed
branches and a first set of files using stasis for setting up a static page.
After initialization it is just a matter of

rake publish

to create a new version of the page, ready to be pushed live using

rake live

Ok, ok so how do I get started?

Actually it is 4 steps…

  1. create a new folder where your page is gonna live

$ mkdir
$ cd

  1. download the Rakefile and run it

$ curl > Rakefile
$ rake setup_repository_for_github_user_page

  1. create a repostitory for your user or organization page on github

  2. set the origin and push

$ git push --all origin

Yeah that’s it, and yeah it is not done and mainly a quick hack to get
going fast. Any contributions are welcome, just fork on github and create a pull
request, or tell me what you need.


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