ActiveRecordTranslatable, rails plugin to manage translations for ActiveRecord Models

Let’s face it translations are always a pain, be it managing po files for PHP
projects, or YAML files in Rails… Especially if the models in your
database contain some attributes being translated in different languages it
becomes hard to keep track of the translations, as well as managing the database
holding them.

Luckily Rails helps with that by providing I18n translations
across the board, and even supporting flexible backends for the translation
engine. Still if there are multiple attributes on models which
have to be provided in multiple languages, being different by model, I18n in its
basic form fails in my opinion. But the basics are already in place:

There also is the globalize gem, but
it didn’t quite fit what I needed, mainly since it stores the translations per
model, which makes it hard to provide a single interface to manage them. So I decided to roll my own and here it is,
The main goal was to integrate in the I18n backend itself so all available
translations can easily be found and contrasted to create an interface a group
managing translations can work in. For a basic usage just checkout the
Readme, or install
via rubygems

$ gem install activerecord_translatable

As always any remarks are highly welcome.


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