Some time ago, me and a good friend of mine, Sebastian Weber decided
to take up podcasting. At the time he was still working for PCGames, a german games magazine, and
so there was not really the opportunity to do so. But now the time has come
and we are now booth working together on recording out new Podcast
“Filmspieler”. To get the “Film” part going, another really good friend
of mine, Florian Negwer is contributing.

So whats this all about? It really is a project born from our love towards
movies, games, and especially talking about those. We are not focusing on news
but the stuff we are currently excited about even if it is older already.

All 3 of us are really excited to get this going, our first episode is currently
out and we hope to continue in a 2 week rhythm, while writing articles on the
webpage as well in between.

We’d love some feedback so check it out at “Filmspieler”.

BEWARE: Everything is in german.

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