Nginx forward all requests to https

Since listening to Mike West and reading his posts I finally decided to really move all my stuff hosted on my own server to SSL. Certs are really not that expensive anymore (about 9$ per Year) and getting more IPs for my server was easier than expected (Whats up with IPv4 depletion aye?).

Since I want everything reachable with all the old links I decided to forward pretty much everything to the ssl host, to do this via Nginx the following little config should work, so I wanted to share since it was not as easy as expected to actually get everything running nicely. It forwards in this case all to

To make sure the clients will only use SSL from now on the server serving SSL should furthermore have ” add_header Strict-Transport-Security “max-age=31556926; includeSubdomains”; ” somewhere in the config.

Thats it… now to move over more stuff.

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