Integrate doctrine 2 in zend 1.11

Just some quick notes on zend and doctrine. Right now I am in the process to rewrite a web application which is based on zend and doctrine, and in the process is ported over to the latest versions of both. Since doctrine does not integrate completely seamless in zend, yet, there is some glue code to be included to make it work. While looking for the right way to do it I came across a video which explains everything nicely. The code which holds everything together is Bisna which is available as part of NOLASnowball. To make it work simply check out the
“doctrine2-managed-crud” branch

$ git clone
$ git co doctrine2-managed-crud

and copy Bisna, Symphony, Doctrine from the library folder to your project, also the application.ini file needs to be adjusted to. For a more extensive explanation check out the video mentioned above.

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