Get links from twitter to improve RSS Reader experience

For some time now I’m using Fever to get more out of my RSS feeds. It’s nice to have a rating on articles which are important to me. There are some high volume feeds I just don’t have the time to scan, but still if something important comes up I don’t want to miss it. This is also where a great service comes in a guy I know from College build, it’s called Chillitweets. Chillitweets scans your twitter stream to extract links and presents them to the user. Since, by definition, I follow users I’m interested in they will as well post links I’m interested in which get added via Chillitweets RSS feed to my Reader. Now they can be used to rate the feeds I’m presented with. I’ve been a user of Chillitweets since the early days and I gotta say Mario really build a great service there. And to see NodeJS in action is always nice :).

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