Walkthrough to Root the Nexus S under Android 2.3.4

This has been done under MacOSX 10.6 with the current AndroidSDK. First a little advice: Root first setup all Apps later because the data will be lost during the unlock process.

Step 0

Necessary Software:
Android SDK
Fastboot for Mac
Superuser setup
Clockwork Recovery

Step 1 – Software

With all the Software together you are half way there, just install the Android SDK (unzip) somewhere. For me it is in “/Developer/android-sdk”. And run:

$ cd /Developer/android-sdk/tools
$ ./android

And install the newest SDK stuff just to make sure everything recognizes correctly. Extract fastboot and Clockwork and keep the files at hand.

Step 2 – Bootloader unlock

Boot the Nexus S in fastboot mode by holding down “Volume Up” and “Power” to boot. Now your are able to connect via fastboot so run

$ ./fastboot devices

This should show a serial number, which confirms the phone connects correctly. Now it’s time to unlock the bootloader, which will wipe all your data.

$ ./fastboot oem unlock

Step 3 – Flash recovery

Now its time to install a custom recovery which allows for the superuser mod to install correctly.

$ ./fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-

Step 4 – Install root mod

Finally we are now able to install the Superuser mod. So reboot the phone and copy the su- to the device. Reboot again into the recovery mode, and run the recovery.
You need to mount system as well as USB storage and now its just a simple install from SD Card to get the rooting going.

Step 5 – All done

Be happy and get some root Apps such as Wireshark :)



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