ChromeOS Notebook Cr-48

Yesterday (This is now some days ago ;)) I got the chance to take a quick look at the Google Chrome OS Notebook, and I gotta say I’m really impressed. Even though I could not take a look at the OS itself really, thanks to no available wifi, on first glance it looks quite nice. It mainly is a Chrome browser running fullscreen so I don’t expect much of a difference from the experience than running it on my Macbook. To me, at the right price, this would be an awesome machine. When I take a look at the apps I use most of the time, almost all are browser based anyway, and through my Palm offering a wifi hotspot everywhere there is a cell signal, I can live with that. The power of HTML5 will also increase the usability even without connectivity in the near future. But the OS is really not what I’m lusting for… Sell me the hardware!

The hardware

I know that the machine will most likely not be available to a broad audience, but really this is a machine I would buy. The design is simple yet functional, the keyboard has a good touch to it at first glance, while the touchpad feels right as well. The machine is light, but feels sturdy and the outer shell has an almost leather like touch, similar to my Palm Pixi. There are no annoying stickers, or crazy amount of LEDs bagging for attention. The battery life is supposed to be close to 8h which is enough even for a long meeting-, or travel-day. So please manufactures take a good look at this! I bet I’m not the only one looking for such a machine. Currently there seems to be no PC manufacturer left offering at least a decent design, bundled with a nice machine, the only one coming close is Lenovo I guess.

I still got some hope left that maybe I’ll be able to beta test the machine, but I guess there a probably 1.000.000 people hoping the same. So to the guys who build the machine, just build more an sell them, kthxbye.

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