My Kindle 3rd Gen

Well well so here it is my 3rd Gen Kindle (WiFi Edition). I was thinking about an e-reader for more than a year now but the price as well as the size of the new Kindle put me over the top. The main reason I bought the device is to read up on all those stories I bookmark every day. Since I’ve been using Instapaper since quite some time, and since reading on the web is not all that nice I’ve been looking for an alternative. And here it is…

Kindle 3rd Gen

Through the use of Ephemera there is a nice way to sync my Kindle with all those unread items in my Instapaper list, and I finally got a nice device to read those long articles without spending even more time in front of my Macbook. The Kindle really is an awesome device for that.

But I gotta admit on the trainride today I started reading The Picture of Dorian Gray von Oscar Wilde and it is really enjoyable, and thanks to Project Gutenberg, free as well. We’ll see If I get to enjoy those classics on my endless subway rides. If not the device is gonna fulfill it’s intentional purpose for me… reading Instapaper, and therefor mainly Hackernews.

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