Updated Dropbox Dropzone to handle folders as well

I just pushed the code to handle folders in my Dropbox Dropzone to GitHub. If a folder is dragged on the Dropzone it is now archived and uploaded to Dropbox as an archive to be shared.

Enjoy :)

PS: Love those guys at Aptonic my changes got pulled minutes after I sent the request.

Edit: Updated again to also handle multiple files dragged on, they are also zipped now instead of producing an error. Waiting for  Aptonic to pull, but I guess it will be up shortly

3 thoughts on “Updated Dropbox Dropzone to handle folders as well

  1. greetings, is there a current version of dropbox for dropzone 4 ? your great tool seams not to be available at the moment… a hint on where to look is highly appreciated. thanks, ap,


    1. I have not been using Dropzone in a while so I haven’t updated the script. I think the author of dropzone initially took it on but I’m not sure if they are still working on it, sorry about that.


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