Use more crypto…

I simply don’t get it, there are like a 1001 simple ways to encrypt and decrypt files, which are really safe, and still nobody uses them. There are the times I get asked via EMail for passwords, or I here of really sensitive data getting out because, guess what I was laying there unencrypted on some network.

So maybe there are people who just don’t know what’s out there, so here is a quick roundup of what I use:

First of all there is Steel for storing my Passwords in a safe place, it’s simple light weight, and safe using the Blowfish cipher, which was among the finalist for the next NSA standart cipher. It’s just 9$, and of course there is always Keychain on the Mac, but I like to keep my Passwords (and more) in one easy to manage file, not bound to a build in app.

Second there is Truecrypt it’s great, it’s cross Platform (Win, Mac, Linux), and it works. It’s great for creating encrypted Images for syncing via the Internet, or to store all kinds of files. It’s been doing a great job for me since Version 4 and still is. Maybe a little over the top for sending just a quick file via EMail but great for your USB Stick or Web Space storage.

Third I just gotta promote my own Cryptr It’s for those times where you just need some fast way to encrypt a single file to send via EMail, or maybe some important Document on your Mac needs to be safe. It’s Drag&Drop Mac like and 100% safe using OpenSSL and AES 128Bit (for those who want to know ;) ).

So that’s it for me. Of course there is also S/MIME for EMail and such but thats a different story.

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