Sugarsync, Dropbox, and others

I’ve been using Dropbox for quite some time now and been quite happy with it. What recently got kind of annoying to me that it is impossible to Sync folders besides the Dropbox folder, and also that, on another machine, I can’t select what to sync. Since I own a Netbook with only 8GB of Space (about 2GB left after OS and App install) it’s impossible to sync my Dropbox now, which kind of defeats the point of having it. So I was looking around and found a couple Products which seem to do kind of the same thing, but always a little different.

First there is ZumoDrive which looks great at first but sadly I also only Sync one “Folder” (actually it’s a Drive, but oh well… ), also I found the free 1GB plan to check it out to small, so I moved one. After all I seems to be a great product, it’s just not for my need.

Now I looked a Sugarsync, I’ve been intressted in it before, but back then they did not offer a free plan, so I decided not to try it. Recently they started offering a free 2GB Plan which I decided to try out, and it’s great. Sugarsync really meets my needs, you can specify Folders to Sync on every Machine, it’s even possible to do a quick edit from the Website by Downloading the file with a special Applet they offer which then syncs those changes back, great if your not at your own machine. I also works with my iPod Touch so I can at least view a lot of files on the go, great! I must say I really like Sugarsync, it works great an also offers Versioning for files (if you like) and a Webarchive which allows to upload file which don’t have to reside on any machines. Ok the Upload speed might sometimes be a little better, also the queue is not optimal in my opinion putting the largest file in the Back, but hey those are really minor issues and the Upload speed should be better on the paid plan also. The only reason I did not switch to the paid version yet it that I’m waiting for my Credit Card to show up.

Well that’s it for now. And check out Sugarsync

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