Using S/MIME in GMail

I’m a big fan of EMail encryption and Authentification, because I use EMail like Letters, and would like to assure the recipient that it’s really me who’s sending it. Also if it’s Privat or if I might be sending the occasional Password, I would like to encrypt.

Since S/MIME is build into pretty much every EMail Programm on the Planet (Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Evolution etc.) I prefer it over PGP/GPG. Well I got my Certificat from which worked really flawlessly, and they also tell you how to Integrate it in about ever Mail Programm there is, the only Problem I have is:

What do I do If I’m on a Computer without my Mail Programm?

But since I use GMail there is a nice solution, GMail S/MIME I finally no longer have to run Thunderbird on my Netbook but can stick to Firefox, and thats all I need. Simply Import your Certificate, and the Thawte Root CA under Certificates (Preferences -> Advanced -> View Certificates ), and your good to go, no other Configuration needed.

It works great for me, so I guess finally I can tell more People to use S/MIME.

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