Blogo vs Ecto: Final Round

After using Blogo and Ecto (mainly Ecto) for quite some time now, I gotta give the win to Ecto. Blogo has a nice Interface and is really easy to use but is missing to much in depth preferences to make it useful to me. After all not being able to customize how pictures are postet put me pretty much over the top some time ago, but I really tried to like Blogo afterwards, it’s just not for me. After all it’s how I said for just writing Blogo does a good job, and it looks great (besides having one of the ugliest Dock icons ever in my opinion… ), but its just not more. While the preview functions of Blogo are really great, not being able to customize your posts really all that much makes them kind of pointless.

Well after all I guess for just posting simple stuff from time to time both apps work great. So if you care about layout and maybe want to access WordPress Plugins by adding additional options to tags go with Ecto, but If you are a Interface nerd, you might wanna put up with Blogo shortcomings.

For me it’s

Blogo 1 : 2 Ecto

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