Switching to ShoveBox

I’ve been using Evernote for almost am year now, used it for Studying writing little notes etc. But recently I discovered something which is for me a big turn down: There seems to be no way to quickly Export all my Notes in a given Notebook to a Format that is Readable without Evernote. Discovering that when I needed to give the Content of a bit 100 Notes Notebook to a College Friend who needed it for studying, I was quite unsure if I wanted to continue to use it. Especially since the UI also doesn’t Integrate in the Desktop very well, and seems so slow sometimes.

Well so I started to look around, and discovered ShoveBox, Its just perfect for me. It integrates great in Mac OS, provides the ability to create rules to automatically sort your Notes, and I has very good export functions, being able to export as Rich Text, or even Web archives which are then readable by Safari again. Also the UI, and actually the whole App are blazing fast, I don’t know what they did, but it works just so quick I barely notice I actually run a App, It feels more like OS functionality to me. The only thing missing is a Sync to Web, but I don’t really mind because I only use one MacBook Pro mainly, and my Work Ubuntu Box is not the place I want to store notes anyway. So I would recommend any Mac user to try it out. Or if your unsure watch the Screen cast  by Macgasm to see if it’s for you.

EDIT: Evernote is now displaying Ads in the newest Version. Also you are unable to add any kind of file besides the allowed once (PDF, TXT, etc.) since discovering that Evernote is now completely gone from all my Machines.

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