Ruby render :action => “new” does not call new method…

… Even though I should know that It drove me crazy the last hour. It’s important to remember when using render in error handling with nested resources. The following actually does not work, since when calling render :action => “new” in the error handling, @b will not be set, an therefore render will fail (probably unless @b is not used at all)

It’s important to actually set @b in this case even though it is not actually needed for the create

Just nice to know, because it actually feels like calling a controller but it doesn’t.

Airdisk needs repair… but it’s working on my Mac?

While getting a new 1.5TB disk for my Media to be shared on my local network via my AirPort Extreme I discovered a weird problem. I got the disk pre-formatted with an FAT32 partition, since I wanted to store larger files I reformatted it to HFS+ simply by selecting the *partition* and selecting erase.

Disk Util Partition

it showed the “Disk needs repair” message. So I reconnected it to my Mac and checked the disk, which showed no errors, but would not mount on the Airport. After some trial an error I figured the problem to be that there is a difference between formatting the drive and the partition. When looking at the *drive* in Disk Utility it still showed FAT32, but selecting the *partition* it showed HFS+.

Disk Util Drive.png

The solution to the problem is formatting the *drive* HFS+, afterwards the Airport mounts the disk just fine, and all my media now resides on my network for my devices to see.