Debugging Erlang NIF with LLDB

Earlier today I ran across a segfault while trying something with
cberl so I figured it’s time to startup
gdb and see what is going on, but how to actually do that? Luckily
I found a post on the erlang programming

with the exact same problem. Since I’m on a Mac I wanted to use
lldb instead so a quick modification to the erl
startup script did the trick.

Now ./rebar skip_deps=true eunit runs erland via lldb and ready to

IPv6 Appengine and iPhone Simulator

Since yesterday appengine is also available via IPv6, but the iPhone Simulator does not handle IPv6 all that well. So if there is IPv6 available on the Mac running the simulator, and the app connects to appengine requests seem to fail at random right now, not returning any data. In my case I had tunnelbroker providing me with IPv6 and request from the Simulator were not getting through from time to time, so for now I decided to shut down the tunnel. Just a quick info for everybody who might face a similar, random seeming request fail.